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Youth Mentorship


Educate - Elevate - Evolve

The Killough Legacy aims to empower & uplift youth from underserved communities to become future leaders. Our specially curated programs focus on character development, community engagement, health & wellness, entrepreneurship/career exploration, creative arts, and leadership.

The Game Plan

Many studies have shown that sports alone can significantly benefit disadvantaged youth. Participation in competitive sports and a strong mentorship program increases fitness, a stronger sense of belonging, enhanced moral development, and positive academic outcomes. The Game Plan program partners with youth sports teams in the Houston area to provide low-income youth with sponsorships to participate in football, basketball, baseball, or golf.


It's an Uphill Battle! Every day, youth struggle to beat the odds!

The K.E.Y.S program is designed to address unhealthy behaviors in at-risk youth, provide them opportunities to learn positive lifestyles, and enhance their ability to make healthier life choices. Our participants come from communities with high concentrations of poverty, violence, and gang activity. Upon release from incarceration, at-risk young return home with few resources to help them successfully reintegrate into society while overcoming the barriers to success such as economic disparities, difficulty re-enrolling in school, or finding employment. As a result, in Texas, 75% of youth released from juvenile detention facilities are rearrested within 3 years or less of their release. Our mentorship program aims to equip at-risk youth with the support, resources, and encouragement necessary to break the cycle. We focus on skills and services that help them re-enter their communities. The participant, mentor, and case manager address specific goals and needs. Together we help redirect the course of their lives.We develop a blueprint to fulfill the requirements of the Justice Department but also an action plan that ultimately diverts them away from the system. This program empowers our young people to make healthier life choice, find their purpose, and realize their full potential as contributing members of society while gaining the tools to achieve lifelong success.

'You are not defined by your past!"

Power in Numbers







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