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Workforce & Entrepreneurship

Workforce & Entrepreneurship

Inspire - Empower - Achieve

The Killough Legacy assists individuals re-entering the workforce, wanting to change career paths, or establishing their VERY own business. We provide various resources, including resume writing, interview skills, dress for success, business development workshops, financial literacy education, and more. Our programs identify the areas needed for improvement and develop an action plan to achieve their financial goals. No one aspires to live a life of struggles, constantly trying to make ends meet to provide the bare necessities. We understand poverty is complex; the cycle runs deep and must be assessed accordingly. Poverty is intertwined with economic disparities such as lack of stable employment, minimum skills, or education, among social and cognitive vulnerabilities, like generational poverty, lack of financial literacy, and more. We provide tools, training, and support for clients to achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. Upon completing our programs, clients gain employment, become financially stable, Or start the business they always dreamed of.

Earn and Learn incentive program rewards participants for goal achievement and successful program completion. Participants earn a cash incentive for each curriculum they complete (e.q., training and mentoring sessions). Allowing youth to build assets as they learn inspires them to prioritize personal growth. They can earn bonus dollars by completing volunteer projects or community service activities. All incentives are distributed to participants upon program completion. Our program provides financial literacy training, entrepreneurial workshops, college tours,career exploration, and skill training. Earn & Learn allows youth the opportunity to make their development and personal growth a priority. While making real money.

1 families road to financial stability today is Houstons economic growth & development of tomorrow

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