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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Unity - Fellowship - Growth

The Killough Legacy strives to make the city of Houston a better place; By Ensuring everyone in our community has access to essential services and the support they need to thrive. By connecting people and socially responsible businesses, together we can truly make a difference. Our programming , community development , and engagement is what inspires change in underserved neighborhoods . We believe lasting change is made when communities work together invest in solutions. We collaborate with faith based organizations, community leaders, government agencies , & local businesses. Services provided by The Killough Legacy include: pop up food distribution, enrichment programs, advocacy and community engagement to improve the quality of life

To transform communities We must listen to community needs. We partner with organizations that provide a platform for people to voice their needs and concerns. With better understanding of the challenges, we can work as a collective to find solutions. Your support in The Killough Legacy will strengthen families, communities, grow strong economies, and make H-town a better place to grow live, work, and play, for us all.

When we join forces with those around us, we all go

further than we ever could alone

Power in Numbers







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