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Change The Narrative

Our goal is to make sure that young men are provided with a 2nd chance, Many of these boys are falling through the cracks and are already entangled with the juvenile justice system. We provide support in areas that are preventing growth, such as poverty, counseling, and substance abuse. We are dedicated to uplifting and inspiring young men to "Change the Narrative". We provide mentoring and a positive support system to help them avoid the path of destruction, The Killough Legacy presents opportunity to take ownership of their lives and to become contributing members of society


You are not defined by your past! 


Packed with Purpose​

Our mentors venture into neighborhoods to help but it is also imperative to create opportunities that take kids out of those same areas. This program provides grants and excursions that would expose the children to outside experiences in efforts to help them see the world and themselves differently. Exposing underprivileged youth to travel sparks positive change in those who rarely — if ever — get a chance to see other parts of their own city, much less the country. The opportunity to see more encourages kids to be more.


The Silent War


The main goal is to raise awareness about health disparities that affect minority communities. People are less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for their mental illness, have less access to mental health services, and often receive a poorer quality of care. 

The Silent War provides a variety of resources, such as different therapy options and workshops. We bring attention to mental health and suicide prevention in underserved communities. We're dedicated to changing how people think and act about mental health.


The Phoenix Project 

The Phoenix Project helps individuals that have experienced life changing situations. The Phoenix symbolizes that he or she has arisen from flame, beating all life challenges and defeating hard times. Therefore, phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past. Phoenix represents transformation, strength and renewal. In other words it represents something new that has been born from something that has been destroyed.


The Conscious Closet

Our mission is to offer good quality clothing, housewares and other items at affordable prices. We also provide clothing and household items free to families in need. Authorized organizations can give client vouchers up to twice a year for items. The Conscious Closet also collaborates with workforce programs.  We provide modern business/professional clothing which empowers clients to feel confident on job interviews. 


Big Hat Brunch 

The annual Big Hats & Bling Brunch is to honor the memory of B Cameron and is a fundraiser that benefits crucial programs that serve those within our community suffering from domestic violence & drug and alcohol dependencies.

3rd Week in April

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